Muppet Punk : Up In The Club


ll this love has been keeping us going for so long and we couldn’t possibly thank all of you enough for your support in helping us grow to ONE HUNDRED releases, but we’re damn sure going to try!

MalLabel Music is proud to present: MalLabel 100! One hundred percent original music and one hundred percent FREE! Twenty original tracks from all our hearts to yours and just in time for Burning Man! We got your fresh road trippin’ tunes all right here so get your iPods ready for the road to the burn with all kids of bass!

I have been so blessed writing about all of this amazing music having been Mal’s writer since MalLabel release 63 and it’s hard to believe it has already been so many. I am equally blessed to be one of this group of talented individuals that is excited to share free music with you all for your support over the years and I know I speak for all of us when I say thank you from the bottoms of our bass filled hearts. We are going to keep giving you all our best day in and day out until the lights go out and we rejoin the energy fields. I could go ahead and list every genre of bass in your face that you are going to get from this release, but to be honest I’ll just run out of space and it’s gonna be a lot more for for you to crack this MoFo open and get this all up in your grill. Get your free gratitude love right meow, y’all <3

Artwork by Sparkuhl


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