KR3TURE – Shape Shifter

This week MalLabel Music has something delicately empowering and utterly sublime as Santa Cruz, California’s, Kr3ture brings us his first full album overflowing with masterful instrumentation and vocalists across multiple genres and emotions.

Kr3ture takes composition back to the roots of Blues and Jazz with a touch of everything Electronic Music has to offer. As a true musician at his roots his live performances catch you off guard and with an improvised array of instruments from sax, guitars, flutes, harmonicas, keyboards, and more all manipulated on the spot. This coupled by his ability to read and reflect the energy of the crowd with subtle or grand gestures in tonality and cadence creates an experience that can drag you influentially and energetically through all the right feels in a way that only a live musician moving right along with you ever could.

His self titled debut full length album brings together all of the magic he’s honed through his travels across the musical landscape in a glorious display of symphonic treasures spanning across the genres. Vocally rich and soulfully glitchy, these ten gems inspire from start to finish through sound and motivational speech and on to the deepest of lyrical vulnerability. Meanwhile, taking the journey from soft rock and blues to meditational house and on to atmospheric Chillstep, the Album covers that special place to grow the hearts and minds of any dance floor at any bpm you might find yourself. You may not know it yet, but you need this in your life. Jump head first into the beauty of the wild.

Artwork by Krikor Andonian
Mastering by Chris Cox