Ives : Echo ft. Mage tha Blackheart


VORTEX EP: mallabelmusic.bandcamp.com/album/vortex

MalLabel Music has some of the freshest new Hybrid Glitch out there this week, kickin’ it off in 2016 with the debut album from Nashville’s, Ives.

Potentially 2015’s hottest new Glitch/Hip-Hop hybrid artist, Ives is setting his 2016 stage for breakout with an eerie psychedelic collection of bomb originals backed up right with serious remix business. Tunes alone, this is one of the most unique albums I have heard to begin with, but this man gets hella real and in your face, like now. Amidst the message pervading every track, the art of story telling is not lost on him as he creates a whole musical reality representative of the feelings of our enlightened few with some serious breaks and the bass to back it up. Some of the strongest messages of change have pervaded hearts and minds through art and with his debut album, Ives hits the mark.

Vortex perfectly describes the vibe within as experienced while moving through the album as it sinks deeper into the ominous atmospheres. The title track also gets a Trap fix by Metapød, while ‘Echo’ feat. vocals by Mage Tha Blackheart gets sliced and diced thrice with instrumentals by Levitation Jones, SRS BZNZ and Petrified Force. You want a real piece of art, look no further as this marvellous achievement of dystopian present takes you on a world-bending excursion on the reality of our now through thought and sound.

Artwork by Ives