HorseExplosion : Wet Paint


MalLabel Music has another fly pay-what-you-want Monday special coming atcha with a psychedelic, underwater bass jam from Los Angeles, California’s, HorseExplosion.

This man has been taking Experimental Bass Music to a whole new level with a techy signature style blending glitched out computerization and rich, full atmospheres over 808 goodness. His moods will take you from wonky ass weirdo Trap to lively, feel good Future beats all the while keeping that hyper-experimentalism front and center. His new single, ‘Wet Paint’ starts you off dripping in it and as the cavernous drizzle subsides the bass starts sloshing amidst the psychedelia. Explore the phantasmagoria of colors and sounds and let your mind drip to this. Cop it here.

Artwork by HorseExplosion