Ghosting – Mining Hyperspace


This week MalLabel Music is taking you to the places in between where only the remnants and shadows of travellers passing from one world to the next remain in an epic journey for the soul by the otherworldly, Ghosting.

Ghosting has never been about the spotlight, in fact avoiding it altogether to create and play music from the shadows and letting the harmonies converse in his stead. Creating an offering to the masses in silence to let the emotions speak for themselves. These moments created for the the people on the dance floor and the connections they share in movement, joy and introspection are in his opinion what truly matters. The creation of musical art as just a piece of the puzzle that connects people through empathy and expression in a way that words fall short.

Partial Worlds takes it’s name from the realities created between worlds as dreams take hold. The seamless journey from one plane to the next as we explore them with wonder and confidence. This fleeting confidence often unraveled as our subconscious takes us through a part of ourselves that we might avoid or otherwise never come across. While we may get the feeling that we must flee, running and hiding in dreams will not get us very far. These feelings however, might signal that there is perhaps something within worth facing. If we are open to becoming lucid, we can interact consciously with our dreams and engage with those deeper parts of ourselves. Sometimes even together, on the dance floor.