Caidance : Stepping Boundaries (Deep Mix)


This week MalLabel Music has something special in more ways that one. We are blessed to bring you a truly inspiring full length album from Santa Cruz’ unclassifiable: Caidance, but doubly so to help him to make this album a fundraiser for families in need.

Caidance has been sharing his art with the community for some time with all manner of music predominately in the Bass Music realm, but with his new album he wanted to give something more. So, all proceeds of this album will be going to Sacred Heart Community Service. These beautiful souls provide families in need with basic needs and the skills to help build safer communities with more opportunities within. Their ‘Pack-ABack 2015’ program provided 3,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to children in need to get them started on the right foot with the tools they need to succeed.

The album Stepping Boundaries is a majestic ride through Caribbean beaches and sun filled afternoons with a Reggae Dub vibe infused with glitches and psychedelia. With a little help from Alexi Kenney on violin, ‘Starlit opens the album with a rich emotional overtone while ‘Single Malt Dub’ gets an introspective, sun inspired solo from Andrew Levin on guitar. The seductive vocal stylings and lyrical magic of Elly Martinez take three more of these tracks into the depths of the soul, while even one more of these gets a second treatment with a remix of ‘Sleepwalking’ by Wisemind. The passions between exude the majestic beauty and reflective essence this album was created to embody. Everything you need to harness the sunshine vibes into the heart of any dance floor. Shine that light <3

Artwork by Aidan Sundstrom & Elly Martinez