Auor : Do You Do


This week MalLabel Music is taking a dip into a silky hot spring of liquid gold. Auor is a Collusion by the Auganism and Orkidz to bring you this sweet and sexy ride.

With no shortage of new musical ideas(or names for them), these gentleman have created yet another new avenue to follow. This golden journey is spawned from simple wordplay as ‘Au’ is the chemical shorthand for gold and ‘or’ is french for the precious metal. The pun doesn’t stop there as this new moniker is pronounced just the same. Fitting as a name can be, the pseudonym describes this odyssey of luxurious rhythms with elegant simplicity. The slow, rich cadence and affluent stream of provocative melodies are sure to seduce even the most sophisticated of tastes.

The self-titled Auor EP opens with luscious, pulsing pads driving sexy vocals to a smooth Deep House drop in ‘Do You Do’. These vocals carry us into chill, ambient territory with an almost trappy take on some beautiful Ambient Dub with a powerful female vocal hook in ‘Messin Around With Me’. ‘The Case’ then chills us way the funk out with this glitched out, vocally arpeggiated and driving gem. Finally, ‘Just The Way’ sings us to a strong finish with a full compliment of emotional, organesque pads and heartstring tugging leads creating a passionate and empathetic ambience. Crack open your soul along with the EP and discover a truly a sentimental adventure through and through.