AHEE : Glitch Like This Ft. LESHii & Morpheus


Back for another pay-what-you-want Monday, MalLabel Music has got a new tripped out Trappy collaboration from LA, California’s, AHEE featuring Leshii & Morpheus.

AHEE is a light warrior on a journey to spread that love throughout the galaxy through rhythm and sound. With good friends at his side shining beams of glitches and 808s through the hearts and minds of the dance floor there is no stopping the message to manifest joy in our body and soul. Their new single, ‘Glitch Like This’ opens in a trance with a sweeping arpeggio driving vocal staccatos into beautiful manipulations before the lady and gentleman guide our thoughts with glitched out transmissions of positivity and movement over some fat, rolling low end. Just the kind of feel good tune that makes you feel like it’s summer all over again right inside the club.