Various Artists – MeowFace5000



This is where the love is at, kids. The whole MalLabel crew, getting down on a mad care package for our whole MalLabel family.

We’ve all come together to lay out some of our favorite tracks from the past year, but these aren’t just any ordinary tracks. No, these are the exclusives boys and girls. The showstoppers we play at our shows, the experimental, genre defying creative pieces and the deep artistic stuff we create just for us. From hoarded originals to straight up bootlegs and everything in between, MeowFace 5000 is an unconventional compilation of 100% unreleased material from our hearts to yours.

So fresh, so free and so full of love; these one of a kind creations range through, Trap, Glitch-Hop, Drum & Bass, Reggae, Industrial, Neuro, Chill Out, Metal, Luvstep, Techno and probably some other sub-genres that I am currently unfamiliar with. Sometimes the most interesting music is the stuff you never get to hear, but we’re trying our best to remedy that. This multi-faceted album is the perfect opportunity to discover new and interesting artists and with it’s wonderfully eclectic nature, you might find artists you already know and love showing you a side worthy of discovering them all over again.

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GR33MiX – VOL.1


Are you ready for 33mn action mix? Greem and Larry Byrd are on fire for this 1st episode! More coming soon.

Ta-ku – Closet drake fans
Stwo – Quiet Life
Hermitude x Flume – Hyperparadise (Ganz Flip)
Wave Racer – Streamers
Just A Gent – Stars Beyond Stars (Vindata Edit)
Baddygirl 2 (Flawless remix) – M.I.A. & Beyoncé
Rick Ross – Hustlin’ (Prince of Ballard remix)
Joe Bataan – What Good Is A Castle – Part 2
Method Man x Shuko (P.L.O Style mash up)
Chrome Sparks – Look At Me
Hudson Mohawke – Polkadot Blues
Rone – By Bye Macadam
Danny Brown – Grown Up (various remixes)
Electro Deluxe – Devil (20syl Remix)
Gramatik – Hit That Jive
Lettuce – Do It Like You Do (The Floozies Remix)
Pomrad – Pomslap
Daft Punk – Emotion (Atom Remix)
Nina Attal – Everything You Say (GReeMiX exclusive)

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Soulular – Heartblast Remixed


∆˚ The Manifestation of bass seeds ❣ sprouting stems ˚∆

Much love and gratitude to all artists involved! Much Love to all who listen and support, deepest of gratitude! ˚∆ )))) ❤ (((( ∆˚


released 21 July 2014Compiled and Mastered By ..::SOULUL∆R::..
except track #9 mastered by Muti Music
Album Art Remix by Courtney Laos

˚˚˚∆ Remixers ∆˚˚˚

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Reeon – True (feat. Saratonin)


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Lovely Saratonin


* * * * * * * * *

Summerdays 5 Tracks EP:




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Scatz – Celestial Seas


Mitch Bilodeau, better known as Scatz, is a well known up-and-comer and fixture of the underground EDM movement in New England, Connecticut. Creating a following through shows, bass heavy melodic DJ mix’s, and self-released music, he is now collaborating with MalLabel Music on his first signed album. For someone who has only been producing for short two years, his skill level reflects that of a seasoned musician. Invoking similar vibes to Eoto, Pretty Lights, RJD2, and Resonant Mind, every track from his debutCelestial Seas reflects Scatz’ diverse influences and broad musical tastes.

Each and every track off Celestial Seas is completely unique and different from the last, together this collection paints a portrait of Scatz’ personal musical journey. Swick incorporates trap style drum patterns, dubstep-esque bass-lines, and bouncy leads making a solid dance floor ready future bass anthem, while TradeMyThingsForWings brings together trance style synth melodies and punchy kick drums to create a cerebral psychedelic groove. Scatz proves himself as a well rounded producer with a style that is unfixed to any specific genera, yet leaves listeners resonating with a distinctly recognizable sound that is one-of-a-kind.

Artwork by Tiger Fresh

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Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire Presents: Jesse Royal – Royally Speaking


Walshy Fire Present’s Royally Speaking

1. Intro/Warning
2. Hotta the Battle
3. Greedy Babylon
4. Modern Day Judas
5. Preying on the Weak (Overstand Ent.)
6. Clear My Head (Gachapan Records)
7. Light Like A Feather
8. Silent River
9. Good Morning
10. D.O.A (Dreaming of Africa)
11. Baby Let Me Be
12. Butterflies
13. Little Did They Know (XTM Nation)
14. Talk To Me
15. World Cry (Jus Bus Remix)
16. Wadada
17. Jam Rock (Gachapan/Palace Pikney Records)
18. Forever (Eccentrix)
19. Gimmie Likkle Herb
20. Muddy Road
21. Runnin
22. Get Away
23. If I Give You My Love
24. Journey (Gachapan/Palace Pikney Records)
25. Rastafari Call You/Outro


Cover Art : Rockers NYC
Mastering: JR Blender (So Shifty/Supersonic)

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Crimes – Midnight Ep


Crimes! aka Chris Escobar rolls out an explosive and diverse sampling of his signature “tropical trill” sound for his second release on MalLabel Music. Crimes! has pushed farther and farther in his own unique direction, refusing to be pigeonholed into any one vibe or style, and Midnight EP is no exception. While maintaining the heavy and melodic sounds he is known for, he adds some groovier elements into his repertoire that smash several genres together into one monstrous and impressive collection of tunes.

There’s lots to explore on this release- the spacey, vibed out talkbox bass, lush pads and tripped out vocals of ‘Feelz.’ The glammy, rubbery basslines and footwork style drums on ‘Hydraulics.’ The ethereal vocals and catchy hooks of ‘I Wanna Know,’ the experimental glitch and heady vibe of ‘Opium,’ and the driving percussion, groaning bassline, monstrous builds and heavy hitting drops of the EP’s title track, Midnight. Each track resonates with the care and detail of a producer hitting his creative stride and bringing innovative textures and experiences into his music. For those of you looking for new territory to tease a dancefloor with this summer, or for something to play in the ride during warm summer drives late at night, Midnight EP is what you’ll want blasting through the speakers.

Artwork by Tiger Fresh

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