Morillo – Hieroglyphs EP


Fusing uniquely flavored ancient undertones with world music percussion and deep, dark, hip hop motifs, MORiLLO explores the fringes of bass music. Eastern instrumentation and addictive tribal influences meld with celestial bass stabs as the trance inducing grooves and eerie themes combine for a mind melting journey into another world, where past and future collide.

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Nas-Ja – Unraveling


MalLabel Music has some of the deepest in Dubstep on the platter for this week. In a wake of ground shattering sub oscillations and pulsating rhythms, NaS-Ja is going to take you to the depths of your mind.

Earth Cubes is an EP that could only be classified as a delicate union of Psy-Dub and Dark movie scenes combining low frequency vibrations and cinematic atmospheres to create a perfect balance of intrigue and motion. Slow, minimal drum rhythms open up the space for an elegant combination of wide sweeping bass, lavish pads and alluring notation. Favouring the avant-garde, NaS-Ja is always sure to design a profound odyssey into thought and as the bass billows forth, the landscape opens up into rippling fissures beneath you.

‘Depths’ drops you deep into this chasm to free fall past the minds eye, reflecting on unfinished thoughts and desires until you hit the ‘Shallows’. Here you will wade through an hypnotic, quivering bass as the soul opens to a deeper reality. ‘Unraveling’ greets you with a gloomy atmosphere to ditch your tangled thoughts while building up to a delightful piano sequence fit to lose oneself in. Gentle glass strokes and a soothing voice guide you slowly through an effortless transition to a familiar reality in ‘Safely Back’, while the pilgrimage leaves you open to the boundless energy of the universe within as communicated through the final track ‘Receiving’. Bring the dance floor on a trip with you to the core of a world within worlds as consciousness awakens and the spirit prevails.

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