Shlump – Hydro


From the heart of California, MalLabel is proud to bring you a fresh and fully original album from one of the leaders in Trap, Shlump.

With a constantly updated page of new tracks, eps and free give-aways, Shlump is no slouch. Few artists are as hard working and dedicated to bringing you the newly minted gold you need to keep the dance floor bumping into the wee hours and with a new remix and EP up before I could even finish this writeup, Shlump isn’t screwing around. This is definitely one of the artists we’ll be keeping an eye on and we know you’ll be doin’ the same.

His background in live music from classical training to live bands becomes apparent pretty quickly with Hydro, as so many of these elements come together over that rich 808 sound. That wide open Trap template doesn’t often get as much love as this with a rich interlacing soundscape of organic and synthetic elements that will have your speakers calling all the OGs to the floor. The grooves range from tripped out vibes and ghetto bounce to airy and epic feel good tunes all backed up by that fat Trap bass. Twisted vocals, plenty of glitches and a whole lot o’ gettin’ down await for you to crack open this healthy box of vibes and lay the hood down on the system.

Artwork by Tiger Fresh


Shlump on Facebook / SoundCloud 

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Maxx Baer x Daffy – Summer Falls


Free Download:

Terrorhythm Elements is a new series of free music, kicked off in the shape of ONYX, from Maxx Baer and Daffy. With all the time and care of our regular releases – professionally mastered and accompanied by the stunning visuals of Sean Knowles, Elements seeks to open new ears to the Terrorhythm sound, at everybody’s favourite price – FREE!

All we ask is for a follow on Soundcloud in return for unlocking the free download.

For more info and music:

Look out for the next in the series, coming from Patrick Brian on Sodalite.

Maxx Baer on Facebook / SoundCloud 
Daffy on  SoundCloud

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MalLabel Wins Best of the Bay Record Label

Best of the BayBest of the BayBest of the BayBest of the BayMalLabel is very proud to be in the final issue of The SF Bay Guardian and the last year of the Best of the Bay winning Best Record Label of the Year ! In addition to MalLabel crew member  DJ Ultraviolet winning Best DJ of the Bay [second year running], and Trap City winning Best Hip Hop Club Night. Huge Ups to the crew today. Honored to have been voted by our fans to win this award. Thank you so much and WE LOVE YOU TOO !!!!   

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Poppa Doses – Ruff Up EP


MalLabel Music is proud to bring back some grimy bay area talent with San Francisco’s own Poppa Doses.

Poppa Doses is no stranger to grime and well up on his dubby Trap game, so it should come as no surprise that the Ruff Up EP is pushing the boundaries of an emerging genre even further. Pulling some elements of what keeps UK garage coming back again and again after all these years, Poppa Doses straight up put a DONK on it. These ghetto beats got the kind of bounce that’ll get your head bobbin’ like you got hydraulics in your sneakers. The title track is some of Poppa’s trademark grime while ‘Low Speed’ messes with your head and kicks it into high gear for the finish.

Homies along for the ride include Dubstep heavyweights Truth with a creepy, nasty and dank remix of ‘Ruff Up’ and The Widdler with an ethereal ride through the dark side of a Jamaican backstreet in his remix of the same. With so much talk of gettin’ low these days, it’s high time to get these rudeboys in your crate to show ‘em how it’s done. Original beats to get those booties bouncin’ and hands in the air with a couple of ghetto bass reworks to bring the vibe. We got all of that and a bag o’ chips, so let’s get the people on the floor and make ‘em sway those hips.

Artwork by Nick Kawamoto

Poppa Doses on Facebook / SoundCloud

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